The Wellbeing Protocol: 2


  • No fluoride: Euythamol toothpaste is a good substitute or Jason do a good range.
  • No toxic deodorants: Use the ‘crystal stone’ options that allow perspiration but gets rid of odour naturally. Jem recommends: Pit Rok from Boots or Amazon. Lasts longer than toxic roll-ons and super works!!!!!
  • Nothing with artificial scents or parabens etc.
  • Jem recommends: Calcium Bentonite Clay to make a great luxurious face mask (Fullers Earth on Amazon). Leaves skin mega silky & smooth as well as pulls out toxins. Can also be used in the bath.

Jems top tip: I only use chemical free toiletries so Neals Yard is a good (but pricey option). Other options are a company called Suma, Lush & Faith in Nature.

Bathroom & kitchen cleaning products:

  • Use natural products

Jems top tip: Research uses for natural products like Bi-carb or vinegar which really work. Ecover products are good also.

Water: Get back to basics!!!

Drink more than you think you need. If you wait till you are thirsty then it’s too late as you’re already dehydrated. Recommended to drink 1.6lt (women) and 2lts (men). This obviously changes due to age, activity level, environment and size. But also depends on salt intake, diet, menstrual cycle or on medication.

Drinking water and staying hydrated helps boost kidney function, have clearer skin, helps you feel full at meal times, helps the liver to flush out toxins, and boosts brain activity and concentration amongst other things.

Disease can’t exist in an alkaline environment or oxygenated or ionized body system. There are water systems that can do this for us including boosting the immune system in its process massively

Your body is 85% made up of water. Every cell in your body needs the best water to function at its best rate. Hospitals all over Japan uses alkaline water filters, giving patients water at 9.5pH.

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