Plant power!

I’ve recently made a huge connection.  It might seem small and ridiculous but to me it feels like a huge thing.

I’ve been researching all my healing processes and cobbling together the evidence and science for why, what I did, worked.  I’m getting really into this and loving the learning I’m uncovering- not only about the supplements, the processing in the body and the cells regeneration, but also deeply about myself.

This morning I got proper excited about discovering the power of Milk Thistle and giving thanks for this teeny herb I underestimated but through my healing I took a bottle of it everywhere and drank it 3 times a day.  So it’s on top of my list as my most used supplement.

Little did I know its healing qualities when a friend turned up with a bottle of it for me 2 years ago from Neals Yard.  Thank you hugely sister xxx (I’m still also crushing and chopping garlic finely to release its enzymes and leaving it 10 minutes before heating too as per your instructions)

So in my excitement about this Milk Thistle plant I then made the link to all the plants I used for my healing: I wasn’t just vegan as I didn’t eat meat substitutes or other ‘vegan’ things. I had a plant-based diet with at least 80% if not more of my plate being plant. This is still more than the average vegan I’m discovering.  I also drink my water with slices of ginger in it.  I squeeze lemon juice onto everything I eat.  All of these things I still do, and others I’ve met have been influenced by this and fed-back to me the benefits they’ve felt of this. It’s not just me and my crazy diet as one friend called it.

Turmeric again, on and in everything I cook for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut oil for my skin and teeth, aswell as using it in my cooking.

Also, cannabis oil was another big old part of shrinking my tumours.  So a serious amount of plants in my life all of a sudden to help me heal.

Then after realising this I had a little giggle to myself as I come from a green fingered family.  My Grandad had an allotment plus a veg patch in the garden, so we usually ate organic produce and had freezers full of broad and runner beans all year round.  My Nana was a big gardener and lover of plants and natural space, with photos of her sat in the heather, or walking in the forest. My mum is a keen gardener and grower and her house is a jungle full of sprawling huge plants, palms and cheese plants you need to duck under to get anywhere.  My sister is also a gardener and a florist. Aswell as my aunt being a botanist and gardener, and more family links. Plants have been a huge part of my families life.  But I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive.  I always joke that the gift was never passed to me.  I’ve always been the plant killer of the family.  My family have always been in shock at my lack of gardening knowledge or growing skills. I’ve tried, I’ve really tried.  I had an allotment for 6 months, and trays and trays of seedlings all over my flat.  Nope – everything died!

My mum has always given me potted plants every few months, which only replace the last plant she gave me which would have since died. I’ve begged her not to give me any more as I feel guilty.

I can’t remember the amount of orchids and miniature roses I’d been bought by my students during my Burlesque days that never made it past the 6 month stage.  I’ve always felt sorry for the plants in my house as they can’t communicate to me what they need, and I don’t know whether I’m over or under watering but they never survive- so I have numerous friends who I’ve given my dead plants to for nursing back to health.  Always felt like a bad Buddhist, knowing this living beautiful thing was coming into my home to die.  I had serious empathy for my dying plants, but I used to pick the pot of dead plants off my windowsill, open the window and empty them out of my flat window into the bushes and the grass verge below.

I decided I was more a cut flowers girl, and bought myself plenty of those instead.

I always wanted a garden and to be surrounded by plants as it’s such a big part of my childhood, but knew I could not be responsible for the maintenance of them.  When manifesting this home I asked Great Divine for a garden, with a gardener….hey presto! Gardener included in the rent!!!!!…I didn’t even know that till after I’d put the deposit down.

Now my new housemate has moved in with an abundance of about 20 orchids, which I love surrounding me in my temple meditation space, but I’ve made it very clear I won’t be touching them or have any responsibility- now thankfully hes taken charge of watering the few plants I have left too.

But now I realise my magic isn’t with growing them, its with using them.  This feels like a huge revelation to me, as I’ve always wondered why I’m the only one in the family to have no plant-links!

But I’m an awesome plant-based cook and of course my self-healing through plants isn’t to be underestimated.

Thank you to my family and green fingered ancestors for all their plant-based knowledge, as it must have sinked in somehow, just not to be used as expected.  Breaking the family plant-based mould! And realising I’m not shit with plants, I’m just different!

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