Brain tumour protocol: Its not hard-work, its self-love!

So I’m posting this as a lot of people ask me what I did to super speed my Cancer healing. I followed a really hefty protocol which was originally given to me but over time I developed my own to make it suit me, without completely changing it or being lazy.


Cancers an extreme dis-ease in the body and it can require extreme measures. This is why I gave up work as much as I could over the past year, to focus solely on ensuring I’d be enjoying the rest of my long life.

These protocols are a mixture of different systems researched and developed by scientists but then amended by people actually living with cancer. Speaking to people who have gone down this path we all have our different systems to follow.


When mentoring people with cancer one of my first things I suggest is that they give up all sugars. That’s always a good benchmark for me to see how serious they are about their healing. ‘Yes I’ve cut down to 1 spoon in my tea’ is not the correct answer. Overnight I cut everything I needed to out and did all the research and learning I needed to support my healing body and my new diet. Every week I speak to and advise a handful of new cancer people. It takes a lot of my time and energy to do this, but I’m happy to give back. But abit of tough love is needed and if they can’t commit to cutting out one thing then they’re not going to love themselves enough to stick to the full protocol. Self-love is key to healing from cancer.

Below is a snap shot of one persons protocol, similar to mine and it’s working for them.  It’s intensive. It’s serious. It’s a full-time job.  But its not ‘hard work’, its ‘self-love’.

Yes I smiled and laughed and chanted my way through cancer but I took it incredibly seriously.

Below is just some of the protocol I followed but there was plenty more. Out of all the many, many cancer people I now know, every single one of them is healing and becoming cancer free, if they are fully following the protocol. No half measures please.

Self-love for me was giving up alcohol, self-love was giving up meat, self-love was putting coffee up my bum (I found that massively challenging), self-love was giving away the chocolates people gave me, self-love was not being worried what others thought about my ‘wacky’ diet, self-love was not worrying about offending people with my strict diet and extreme needs, self-love was putting myself to bed anytime I needed night or day, self-love was crying and releasing emotion regardless of where I was or who I was with.

If you didn’t see me during my Cancer year this is why. I was following such a timetable which meant at times I couldn’t leave the house or my juicer or my bath or my yoga mat. I created my own healing retreat. And I most definitely did not want people around who thought I was terminally ill.


I’m not unique or magical, I just worked bloody hard and wasn’t about to let something as precious as my health be governed by others just because they had bigger certificates than me. Anyone can do this healing. You just need to believe in yourself, love yourself and commit fully.


The below protocol is from another person overcoming a Brain tumour.  This is just to give you an idea of the amount of research, dedication and self-love required.

Brain tumour protocol:

~Modified Gerson therapy: 8 organic carrot and lemon juices a day, 8ounces each. Alternating one with one green apple and cruciferous veg.

~3 to 4 organic coffee enemas a day helps the liver bile duct and blood detox and helps control pain and headaches from toxins hitting the brain. I do 3 but if I get dizzy from the cancer toxins die-off then I take a 4th.

~Every second day castor oil enema.

~35 per cent food grade hydrogen peroxide x 2/3 glasses a day per oxygen therapy in Dr Leonard Coldwell’s book its 25 drops per glass of 8 ounce water distilled water, I’ve kept on high dose until tumours and mets disappear



~Amazon tonic 111 – alpha omega labs

~Co enzyme Q`10 200mg – Gerson suggested

~Vit B12 not iron 1000mg – tumours love iron and suck it up like sugar – Gerson suggested

~Selenium 200mg – Gerson suggested

~Chlorella- 12 tabs a day helps to chelate the metals form our brain and bodies.

~Vit D2- non Gerson med. 10,000iu it uses what it needs rather than D3 building up in your bones. The body converts the D2 to D3 when it needs it.

~Potassium Compound per Gerson therapy to desalt the cells put into juices 40tsp a day.

Healthy cells are made up of 90 per cent potassium 10 per cent salt our diets decades have taken in too much salt swelled the cells and damaged them to where they cannot function properly to take in oxygen and nutrition viola mets!!! We have to spend months desalting the cells because anyone with cancer is not producing enough potassium to heal those cells. Juicing will help for potassium levels and also potassium compound. See Gerson books**

Anti Inflammatories :

Everyone needs space out during day when salving, surgery, chemo or rad until totally healed and no more salving takes place. This is necessary to block that mother stem cell under each tumour from signalling for new uncommitted stem cells to come and make more tumours. Stem cells heal injured areas but when the mother stem cell is already a cancer stem cells the new ones become them too and voila mets.

Healthy cells are made up of 90 per cent potassium 10 per cent salt our diets decades have taken in too much salt swelled the cells and damaged them to where they cannot function properly to take in oxygen and nutrition viola mets!!! We have to spend months desalting the cells because anyone with cancer is not producing enough potassium to heal those cells. Juicing will help for potassium levels and also potassium compound. See Gerson books**

~Home filled organic ginger capsules x 3 a day

~Home filled organic capsules of cinnamon x 3 a day

~Organic turmeric with black pepper 1 tsp x 3 a day in dash of flaxseed oil and I put at back of my mouth and gulp some juice to wash it down the oil is needed to help absorb the curcumin.

~Juicing carrots also is an anti-inflammatory

~Essiac tea x one

~Pau darco tea x one

~Dandelion root for making tea x one

~40 organic bitter apricot seeds a day, Laetrile is better done at a clinic with high dose.

~Iodine lugols x 16 a day -every cancer patient needs iodine- Gerson suggested iodine

~Niacin 200 mg a day. I split it on a plate into eight and put it in my carrot juices. – Gerson suggested Niacin

~Liver capsules x 6- per Gerson therapy- helps rebuild your liver

~Milk thistle for liver 250 mg a day- Gerson suggested

~Bloodroot capsules x 3 a day tapering off after five months

~Eggplant extract capsules

~L Vit C was taking 40 000 mg- powdered from each tsp is 5000mg. 5000 mg for now until high dose HP is dropped

~HP oral oxygen high dose protocol – 3-hour gap needed between HP and Vit c. As of Oct 2016 all 68 tumour areas are gone only temple and leg bone tumour still pulling and tiny mets .

~Pancreatin 12 a day x 325mg- these help digest the tumours so your body can absorb them- Gerson suggested

~Boswellia Serrata powder capsules 350mg 85% i.e. frankincense boswellic acid is what kills tumours

~Organic apple cider vinegar 1 tsp in morning, one at night

~Organic frankincense oil -boswellia tree a day few times a day on tongue and tongue to roof of mouth.

Also in flaxseed oil daily rubbed all over my body (not Gerson approved for that as we need to keep salve areas moist and oiled while healing I feel its safest) neck and face for cancer fighting with frankincense, myrrh, lavender, clove oil, grapefruit oil, lavender, oregano. I make up a glass jar 50g honey jar and keep in fridge ten of each and 20 of clove and fill with flaxseed oil. I use this on my salve areas too and rub all over my body. Myrrh and frankincense powerful cancer fighters never take myrrh orally though.

Flaxseed oil is the only oil that doesn’t feed cancer per Gerson therapy. Proven by Tennaunbaum animal study, all oils except flaxseed oil, feed cancer including coconut oil and olive oil. Flaxseed oil does not feed cancer. Must use on cooled food don’t heat.

~Organic cold pressed flaxseed oil 2 tablespoons

Organic Essential oils:

Essential oils inhaled, cross the blood brain barrier ON an aromastone type device and in salve oil for me, some of them:

Frankincense – on tongue x 3 day, in salve oil,, inhaled.

Myrrh – inhaled, in salve oil

Clove oil – inhaled and in salve oil

Grapefruit – inhaled and in salve oil

Lemon- inhaled and in salve oil

Orange – inhaled

Lavender – inhaled, bottom of feet and in salve oil

Oregano -inhaled and in salve oil, bottom of feet diluted



ANTI CANCER DIET follow for at least 2 yrs or 3 if you have done chemo or have a brain tumour.

Organic and mainly raw for me, some potatoes cooked if I can manage to eat them, I struggle with the juices salad and fruit already. You can eat cooked meals on Gerson therapy also or an anti-cancer diet. Make sure to avoid processed white carbs, dried, tinned and no frozen anything.

~8 organic carrot and lemon juices a day 1 green cruciferous greens cauliflower and green apple.


Kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower. Finely chopped washed with distilled water. tomato, bell peppers, all raw except garlic and onions cooked in small amount if distilled water until soft.

Dressing :

Flaxseed oil and fresh squeezed lemon and sprinkled with garlic powder

~One organic potato (if I’m hungry) with flaxseed oil and garlic powder cooked in few tablespoons of distilled water with the lid on to retain vitamins as heat destroys enzymes above 140.

~Organic oatmeal cold and raw (can’t stand it cooked with water just) prefer the taste of it with distilled water one bowl and chopped strawberries

~Fruit plate: Once a day of blueberries, pineapple, banana, cantaloupe, apple, banana, grapes, blackberries. Some of these aren’t Gerson approved because they are aromatics but I eat berries and pineapple.


because it’s got bromelain that eats the coating off the cancer cells.  Berries and pineapple are not Gerson approved as they are aromatics.


3 to 4 organic coffee enemas plus a day with distilled water 32 ounces of water and three heaped tablespoons per enema. One enema per three or four juices

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