Cannabis heals.

Let’s grow up and look at what cannabis and it’s uses can help us with.
I used THC cannabis oil illegally for 8 months as treatment for my ‘terminal’ stage 4 cancer. I told a close network of friends who helped me during that time, as taking cannabis oil is not the easy or cheap route. I needed a lot of support. But for fear of judgement, there were plenty of people I saw on a daily basis who didn’t know. I was turning up at work in the dance studio, still high and dazed most days. It took a lot of energy just to put my socks on. Every medication has side effects, and mine were a lot better than those I’ve seen of people going through chemo.

I had a choice. Either do what the doctors said and hope that with my terminal prognosis of a 20% chance surviving the next 5 years, their treatments would exceed their expectation of merely stabilising me. Or empower and educate myself using diet, detoxing and cannabis oil for my healing. Because stabilising me wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t going to live with cancer forever. I was going to find a way to heal myself 100%.

My prognosis was ‘short months’ without the immunotherapy treatment I was offered which they told me would stabilise me at best, and if it didn’t work they had another option to ‘keep me comfortable for the rest of my days’. A few days after diagnosis and a palliative care box turns up on your doorstop packed with liquid morphine and drugs for your end of days.

As soon as I was told my diagnosis I started making changes in my life including starting the oil. 3 months later every tumour had shrunk to less than 10mm, therefore no longer detected as disease. But that wasn’t enough for me, I kept working with my body. And another 3 months and all tumours had gone.
My Oncologist sang ‘All Clear, All Clear’ as I walked into her office. The same Oncologist who told me not to try anything herbal or change my diet. She now said ‘Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it.’

I had been a big stoner during my teens and had no desire as an adult to get high or lose control or slow down or drop my business.
But plant medicine is not to be underestimated just because it’s too simple.

Let’s educate ourselves a little, as there is so much bullshit, and judgement around it as a recreational drug.
But what about a healing drug or medication???

I was forced to break the law, to save my own life. No one should be put in that situation.

3 thoughts on “Cannabis heals.”

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    belinda chapman

    Hi Jem, thanks for getting this out to the universe. I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in Feb. Took massive doses of THC but I also wasn’t brave enough to say no to palliative chemo. So combination of both. My tumour has shrunk to almost nothing! Doc said it would be difficult to find now. I’m continuing. Didn’t expect to be here now. In Brighton.

    1. Jem Ayres

      Yes keep going! Well done you.
      I’ve got some events coming up in and around Brighton if you’re interested.

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