Vegan BBQ Recipe: Miso & Sesame Aubergine

So its that time of year where we dust off the BBQs and sit in the sunshine.  But don’t be mistaking my BBQ’s for your average meat fest.  I’m all about inviting my friends over and educating them in the Vegan BBQ ways.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting just some of my fave Vegan BBQ recipes.

Miso and sesame Aubergine


1 large aubergine

1 tbsp Miso paste

2tsp honey

Good few glugs of toasted sesame oil

A splash of Tamari (or Soy Sauce if you’re not gluten free)

Good sprinkle of sesame seeds

Some grated fresh ginger- if you have it knocking around



Cut the aubergine into medium sized slices.

Mix all other ingredients together and let the aubergine marinade in them for a good ew hours.  Preferably over night.

When cooking them you can either keep them large half moons to stick flat down on the BBQ or chunk them down to have on skewers with other veg.

Cook till soft.  Keep them turning.  Abit of charring is standard on BBQ.


This marinade can also be used for tofu, mushrooms….just get creative!

Bon Appetite!

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