About me page imageMy name's Jem, and in October 2015 I was diagnosed with Advanced Melanoma, terminal cancer.

When I share my story whether to one person or a room of 200 the atmosphere in the room changes, and the anxiety and tension is tangible.  That is the energy that cancer brings to the floor.  The fear surrounding cancer is very real and very sobering, but when you're faced with a diagnosis, I don't believe it's very healthy to allow that fear into your body.  And if you feel it rising within you, which it inevitably will, find a way to release that as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  Feel it, acknowledge it and let it pass through you.  Do not let it stay for tea, and make a home inside of you.

Cancer is an extreme example, but the techniques and learnings  through my Cancer journey can be adapted to all of life's challenges.

This isn't about denial. This is about reframing and shifting your focus.  I can honestly say that my 7 months with terminal cancer was my most joyous.  The lessons I learnt were the richest of gifts.

This isn't just a site for those who have cancer.  This is a place for anyone who has experienced fear and anxiety facing the challenges of life.  That small quiet underlaying panic, which I believe we all have.  It keeps us small, it runs our decision making and it blocks us from reaching our highest potential.


I believed in myself when everything around me was telling me it was hopeless.  I used every part of my self-development experience to stay truly present to what was actually happening in my body, and not allow my mind to drift into fantasy or panic of what might be coming.

I did my research.  I worked with my body. I used holistic methods such as nutrition, diet change, detoxing & supplements alongside the medical treatment I was offered to stabilise me.

I worked with my mind, using affirmations and manifesting to shift my mindset into one of absolute health and happiness.  I never used words like beat, fight, battle when referring to my journey.  I used my powerful process to set an intention; To glide through cancer with ease and grace.  And I did.  No pain, no side-effect symptoms and most importantly, no suffering.

I worked with my soul.  I did everything I could to strengthen my inner-core through journaling, meditation, yoga, chanting, gratitude practise and prayer, which also allowed me to access the Divine within myself.  I raised my vibration and my energy to that of one greater than cancer.  I trusted the voice I was hearing in my body when I put myself into that receptive mode.  When Doctor's and medical practitioners told me differently, I trusted my bodies wisdom which at no stage said I was going to die.

I became an empowered patient.  I asked questions, lots of questions.  I baffled doctors, nurses and surgeons with my need for answers.  I was taking responsibility for my own healing, and using the knowledge of the medical practitioners to enhance that.  I believed we were healing my body together.

7 months from diagnosis, the words came from my oncologist 'There is nothing we can detect as disease in your scans'...they were closely followed by 'Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.'  There was the recognition that this outcome was not from medical intervention alone.

Even just a few months into my self-healing journey I was sharing information with other patients and spreading the knowledge I was finding.  The demand for my mentoring became so high that often I was on the phone all day to people I had never met, from across the planet but had been passed my number for help or advice.  This was when I knew I needed to reach a wider audience in a more time and energy effective way. This information needed to get out there.  People really needed to know that there are different ways to face cancer than the story that is so ingrained in society.

I started offering workshops on my diet changes, on manifesting and on using Life Force energy for healing. I was invited to public speaking platforms, and was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm for my talks, with people cuing to share their story with me.  I found people could work with the science based nutrition and detoxing changes, but would often struggle with the mindset shift that was required to become open to receiving the healing in whatever form it would occur.  Therefore I started offering retreat weekends for people to gather, and experience some of the exercises I had used including visualisation, affirmation creating and releasing the blocks which stopped them stepping into their full potential.  The retreats I host attract people from all walks of life, not just those struggling with health issues.  There is something for us all to learn in listening to our own bodies, feeling the divinity within us and changing the way the mind wants to think.

I believe we can always continue to work on ourselves to improve our lives; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe it’s all deeply connected and our outside challenges are often just mirrors and manifestations for what is going on inside of ourselves.  Loving ourselves fully through these times, offers that opportunity to realise we have a choice in how we respond to difficulty or crisis.

Working on our inner-core being, and self-belief is paramount.  You will meet yourself very deeply in those times of crisis, and that will be the first time most of us will have touched our core.  Give yourself the tools to work on your sense of self, before you need to rely on it.

"Jem Ayres is an inspiration. Words can't begin to describe what she does, you just have to get involved! Thank you Jem. I can't thank you enough."