"Thank you so, so much for your talk Jem..... it was incredibly moving for me.
I was brought to tears with a kind of joy and relief that this information is now reaching the mainstream. I felt that you are an important spokesperson for this kind of self-healing. What incredible value is coming from the sharing of your journey! Please continue sharing! In all your beautiful authenticity - your message is exactly what humanity needs and you deliver it with credibility, power and humility. Golden! Keep going.”

“Working with Jem has helped boost my belief in myself and my abilities, I went on the retreat with Jem and learnt so much I would highly recommend working with her both individually and during her workshops and retreat.”

“I met Jem Ayres through another group we are both members of on Facebook. love Jem's easy to understand knowledge of health wellbeing in relation to nutrition, mind, body and spirit. I went on her weekend retreat a few months ago. can honestly say The retreat was absolutely amazing and learned so much about myself in every way. She is so down to earth and wherever an individual is up to in their journey of wanting to improve their life through diet, self confidence, affirmations, mind body and spirit this retreat will help. It was a very relaxed and lovely environment to learn and I met such amazing people. Jem is an amazing inspirational lady who genuinely wants to help and teach others simples techniques to improve their life. cannot recommend going on this retreat enough and to follow her blog, her posts. She is a truly amazing woman l intend going on lots of other retreats and courses that she will be running in the future.”

“I was fortunate to meet Jem shortly after learning I had stage 4 cancer, at the time I was still in shock and searching for answers but was so lost that I didn't even know what questions to ask. 


Within a few weeks I attended one of Jem's retreats where I learnt more in a weekend than I could ever have imagined - it was the turning point in my road to recovery.  If you get the opportunity to attend one I highly recommend them.


3 months in and I am still undergoing treatment but working with Jem has meant that my time with cancer has not been full of fear or pity but positivity, gratefulness and love!”

“Jem, we are so grateful that you could fit us into your retreat. Everybody was so kind and positive. Nobody judged – it was just full of love! It really was the most amazing weekend and we came back filled with positivity and a whole new fresh outlook and belief. Thank you so much xx"

“Jem as an individual was the highlight of my stay that weekend. Reminding me how a true connection to self can radiate and affect others. Time with Jem made me feel more in tune with my true self and has inspired me massively to stay focused and work toward my goals.”

“I attended the Karmony retreat without an entirely complete understanding of why it was I felt called to go. Something about what I had learned already about Jem and her journey to self healing told me she was the kind of person that I needed to spend some time around.


That couldn't have been more true.


During the weekend I found myself reconnecting with different routes to self love and healing that I had clearly been craving beneath the surface for some time. I was reminded how a true connection to self can radiate so strongly and guide others to do the same. Jem and her team created such a nurturing, fun and nonjudgemental environment. I learned way more than I expected and what I did pick up was so well delivered that Ive found it easy to implement back home.


It was clear that people came to that weekend for different reasons. The material was devised and delivered in such a way that it could be applied to each individuals needs...for me that was the sign of a truly holistic programme. Individuals like this don't cross your path everyday. If a weekend retreat comes your way, whatever your current circumstances, Id be willing to bet you'd be glad you took the opportunity!”

"Jem Ayres is an inspiration. Words can't begin to describe what she does, you just have to get involved! Thank you Jem. I can't thank you enough."

"Since working with Jem, my self-belief and self-confidence are beginning to grow; more change is coming and I can't wait!"

"Jem has helped me in more ways than she will ever realise. So supportive, helpful but mostly caring....thank you Jem x x"

"This lady is simply the 'real deal'. She walks the walk and talks the talk. Her energy is so strong and loving and she has actual KNOWLEDGE to share and she shares authentically and generously from her own true and deep experiences. She's not a survivor, she's a glider, she's more than funny, she is hilarious. She is not inspired, she is INSPIRING! She changes lives and she could very well change yours. So let her. Go to her workshops, listen to her talk, hire her for a coaching session. It will be everything you want and more."

"Jem is a wonderful person to be sharing this life-transforming and life-saving information...


The thing is that despite this information not reaching the masses through the conventional channels, there are literally tens of thousands of people around the world that are using (or have used) the same techniques as Jem has to heal herself and others.


Jem is perfect for this, with her authentic, zesty, life-affirming way of encouraging us to do what is good for us. It was super inspiring to meet her and hear her speak at a few events I've been to.


I was already familiar with many of the techniques she spoke about as I have witnessed life-transforming health benefits in myself & many people I know using the same practices - life threatening disease or not, these techniques are beneficial for us all! More good health, more joy, more energy!"

'I booked onto Jems workshop as soon as I saw it advertised, largely because I knew Jem and the other workshop leader Tracy, to both be fabulous individually, so knew they would make magic together.


By the time the event came around I was not in a good place, having recently broken up with my partner I was full of fear, not knowing how things were going to pan out for me and my daughter. It's not like me to feel like that and I hoped the workshop would give me a lift... and it sure did! By the end of the evening I walked out feeling back to my powerful self, knowing that I can handle whatever life throws at me and reassured that I am full of light and love and am destined to lead the most awesome life... and in fact reminded that I am already living that life and I have so much to be grateful for.'