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BBQ pineapple

Vegan BBQ Recipe: BBQ Pineapple!

Yep you read that right. Out of all my BBQ favourites this one is the one which most shocks and inspires the meat eaters….also the...
portabello mushrooms

Vegan BBQ Recipe: Smokey Portabello Mushrooms

Portabello mushrooms are big and meaty and perfect for BBQing. Heres my fave way of cooking them below. Ingredients: 4 portobello mushrooms 4 tablespoons olive...

Vegan BBQ Recipe: Miso & Sesame Aubergine

So its that time of year where we dust off the BBQs and sit in the sunshine.  But don’t be mistaking my BBQ’s for your...

Being OK with letting go: My experience of coffee enemas

Being OK with letting go: My experience of coffee enemas   I find it a time to tune deeply inwards. Enemas aren’t a time for...

Brain tumour protocol: Its not hard-work, its self-love!

So I'm posting this as a lot of people ask me what I did to super speed my Cancer healing. I followed a really hefty...

Cannabis heals.

Let’s grow up and look at what cannabis and it’s uses can help us with. I used THC cannabis oil illegally for 8 months as...

Plant power!

I've recently made a huge connection.  It might seem small and ridiculous but to me it feels like a huge thing. I've been researching all...
19225217_10158855191960092_7926842527122932151_n - Copy

Raise Your Vibration

Today’s world is full of fear. Individually and collectively, we all sense it and it affects our ability to connect with ourselves and others.  ...

Almond Butter Truffles

I cannot take credit for this recipe. But its a definate goodie! One of my retreat participants left the weekend so inspired she was reinventing...

Food For Life retreat: Where conscious cookery, embodiment and self-love are combined.

I overcame terminal cancer in under 7 months by following a self-healing holistic protocol along with the modern medicine I was offered as palliative care...

The importance of play

The importance of play! When I let go of my previous business after Cancer, people would ask 'what are you going to do for work?'...

Coming out of the Cannabis closet

FACT: Cannabis heals!!!! I'm not a pot smoking teenager, or a jobless waster.  In fact 2 years ago I was hugely anti-cannabis, as I HAD...