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How To Manifest More Of What You Want In A Challenging Relationship
Latest Karmony Events

Latest Karmony Events Hello Believers, Last week I hosted a wonderful event called ‘Eat Like You Love, And Detox Your Life’.  There has been a big buzz...
Jem Ayres in a wheelchair in hospital after receiving treatment for her brain tumour.

Cancer & choice

Choice "You always have a choice, no matter how small" Hilly Spenceley, Founder of Shakti Tantra.   I did not choose Cancer.  The first thought...
Jem Ayres meeting the energy of cancer.

Meeting the energy of cancer

10th June 2016 Meeting the energy of Cancer I have always been a reflector, as long as I can remember.  One vivid memory of mine...
Cup full of coffee beans.

The Coffee Enema party: letting go of the shame

When I first started researching the alternative ways of self healing from Cancer, coffee enemas kept coming up as a way to boost the liver,...