As a bodyworker, I guide people in techniques to release blocks or patterning in their body which may be leading to ill health symptoms.

I work instinctively using different modalities including touch, massage, breath, sound, movement, visualisation and energy work.

I was diagnosed with terminal Cancer in 2015 and told that the only option was palliative care.  I’d been studying tantra and body work for 5 years at that point, so I started to look at how these could help enhance my healing. As these techniques are self-development tools used for emotional and psychological healing, and I instinctively believed that these could work on physical healing also.  I went from terminal to clear of cancer in 6 months using bodywork alongside treatment, aswell as other lifestyle changes.

When you experience tension, trauma or shock, no matter how big or small, the body can hold onto that on an energetic and cellular level, creating blocks in your Lifeforce flow. So I believe bodywork is the best way for releasing trapped energy and can go far deeper than talking therapy which has its place but in my opinion only works with the mind.  For me, bodywork had shifted more in terms of self-worth and psychological healing when I suffered depression (including childhood trauma), than years of counselling ever did.

It’s a practise that recognises how valuable the body-mind connection is.  The mind can send you into chaos and overwhelm, especially when faced with a challenge as extreme as cancer.  So, a lot of my teaching in this area uses techniques to quieten the mind, so that we can hear what the body has to say to us for our healing.

Using pleasure as part of healing, I coach people to tune in to discover what the body and our dis-ease needs from us to enhance healing.  I believe the body created the disorder, therefore the body knows what is needed to heal it. I believe all dis-ease goes deeper than the outside symptoms that present themselves.  So, I encourage everyone I coach to do some form of body work.


Bodywork sessions: £150 for upto 2 hours.

You can pay a £50 deposit to secure your space and pay the remainder on the day.

After an initial session, if you are happy to continue working with me I can offer a discount for a block of bookings paid in advance.

A 5 session block for £675 (saving £75).

This series of sessions can be weekly, two-weekly or on an as-and-when basis.

Free consultation

Lets tailor a session meant for you

“Jem as an individual was the highlight of my stay that weekend. Reminding me how a true connection to self can radiate and affect others. Time with Jem made me feel more in tune with my true self and has inspired me massively to stay focused and work toward my goals.”