Through my cancer journey I learnt and developed lots of tools and techniques to use to aid my own healing which included my body, mind and soul. These exercises are transferable to release blocks and difficulties in all aspects of our life: health, family, love, finances etc. It wasn’t just my own health which dramatically improved, but my entire lifestyle shifted for the better, and I’m now the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

Cancer coaching can include:

  • Free Self-healing protocol document
  • Working through the protocol with you to tailor it to your specific needs
  • Diet and nutrition suggestions
  • Detoxing guidance
  • How to use Cannabis oil
  • Help you to look at all areas of your life and where you can cut back on stress, which creates toxicity in your system.
  • Releasing any fear around cancer or treatment which can block our healing and cause stress.
  • Looking at the deeper emotional root to cancer and how this can be acknowledged and released from your body
  • Helping you to create and maintain a self-love practise
  • Looking at how you can take a holistic approach to self-healing
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mindset post-cancer.
  • I also endeavour to connect you with someone else with your Cancer who is following or successful followed the same protocol

Mentoring sessions with me are entirely confidential, and having overcome terminal cancer myself hopefully I can help ease your fears and make even the most challenging aspects of life feel safe and easy.


One2one cancer coaching session £60 an hour, via Skype.
After that if you are happy to continue working with me I can offer a discount for block bookings paid in advance.
A 5 session block for £250.
This series of sessions can be weekly, two-weekly or on an as-and-when basis. Plus for this you'd get email access to me also to ask questions in between sessions to ensure you're getting the support you need on your journey.

Free consultation

Lets tailor a session meant for you