Most of us have fallen into patterns of touch either with ourselves or our partner that are limiting to our pleasure. These habits may work to a certain extent but what could be discovered if we stepped away from them and tried something new.
As we grow older, often we’re still touching ourselves in the same ways we learnt in our teenage years. We are never taught how to be in pleasure with our bodies. Pleasure is not mentioned during whatever childhood sex education we may or may not have had.

The chaotic method is to destroy the old patterns, not to create a new one. It is not to create a pattern at all; just, the old pattern has to be destroyed. The method, all meditative methods, are just destroy your conditioning without conditioning you in any way; otherwise there will simply be a change of fetters, a change of prisons. The new prison may look a little better but it is still a prison.


Genital arousal, ejaculation or orgasm are either often the goal or something to be ‘controlled’. What could happen if we took away the need to achieve anything?
What new pathways to pleasure could we find if we tried body lead pleasure techniques instead of mind lead?
Through my Pleasure coaching, I teach Orgasmic Yoga Techniques to individuals and couples who wish to expand their capacity for pleasure in all areas of their life. Getting conscious around the sensations in the body through different strokes and exercises.
Orgasmic Yoga isn’t just for those of us who identify with a sexual ‘problem’ or dissatisfaction in our arousal or response.
It’s for those of us who want to learn something new about our body.
For those who wish to experience new pathways to pleasure both with ourselves and our partners.
Dropping guilt or shame around our bodies in pleasure.
Expand our orgasmic potential, moving from masturbation to self-pleasure, and from sex to divine love-making.

Through Orgasmic Yoga we can step away from habitual porn use, unhealthy fantasises or peak orgasmic experiences and get more full-body pleasure in your life.
Exercises can include touch as meditation, hands-free masturbation, breathwork techniques, genital massage, Taoist touch techniques and much more.
This is life-changing and empowering work.

An Orgasmic Yoga coaching session includes:

  • An initial self-pleasure intentions questionnaire.
  • Each Skype is upto 60 mins: You will be set Orgasmic Yoga exercises tailored to you to do as homeplay. These are based on your intentions and other questions asked during the session.
  • You are then required to schedule 3 x 30 min sessions of masturbation / self-pleasure practise over 3-6 days for yourself, taking notes after each session.
  • Follow-up Skype session include: Discussing your learnings and how to move forward in your practise with more homeplay set.

Please note:
The Skype sessions do not involve any nudity or self-touch, just discussion, questioning and homeplay setting. Your practise is for you to do in your own time, outside of the online coaching sessions.


Individuals and couples
5 Orgasmic Yoga Coaching sessions = £400
A block of sessions allows you to go deeper into your practise, and will also give you plenty to work with after the coaching has ended.

Plus for this you also get email access to me also to ask questions in between sessions to ensure you're getting the support you need on your journey.

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